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Dog Kicked Out Of His Owner’s Home As He Is No Cute Anymore

When you decide to adopt a dog, you have to know that it will be a part of your family.

Many people like to adopt cute puppies but actually the puppy grows up to be senior, so you have to keep it and take care of it all the time. But, one owner decided to dump his dog as he was no longer cute at least in his eyes.

The dog who also had some health issues, was dumped on the side of a street by his careless owner. The pup was then found by kind people who call the rescuers.

The rescuers then took the dog to a vet clinic where they found that he had mange and his nails were badly overgrown. So, he was directly administered by antibiotics and IV fluids as he was in very bad shape.

He slowly started trusting his rescuers and let them touch him. Thankfully, the brave dog recovers in a very nice way by the help of medicated baths and intensive treatment. He has been changed completely after being on the streets but he still loves anyone he meets.

He was then fostered by a volunteer woman who works at the shelter. He is so happy to play with lots of toys at the shelter with his doggie friends. He also has a warm bed and dependable meals. We hope that he will find a forever home soon as he really deserves that. Watch the video below.

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