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Video Shows Dogs Being Thrown With Waterboard And Firecrackers

A video of dogs kept in a backyard in St. Petersburg, Florida, has gone viral caused many animal lovers across America be mad.

The video below that was taken by Tyler Little shows Pit Bulls of his neighbors being tortured with firecrackers and water. Little says that the dogs are constantly barking and crying and they just need to be out. They have never been out they just know to be in cages, they have never been out.

He also says that he has a clip showing the dogs are waterboarded by the neighbors but it is considered as not that big evidence by the police. Doug Brightwell, Pinellas County Animal Services' director, said that they do not professionally or personally agreed of what appeared in the videos but it is not violence.

He also added that they investigated and found 3 tethered dogs which is illegal but the owner of the dogs fixed the issue. He also said that the dogs were in overall good health and good body condition after being examined.

The investigation is not closed yet despite saying that no signs of animal abuse found. What do you think?! Watch the video below.

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