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Watchful Woman Helps Her Neighbors To Get Back Their Stolen Dog

The Haskett family were completely shocked when they knew that their German Shepherd was stolen from their home.

The family that lives in Sudbury, Massachusetts, were able to know that by watching the surveillance video on 9th of April. The surveillance video shows a woman in a blue jacket petting the dog, Partner, around 15:50 PM. Then, the family brought the dog inside and left the home.

The same woman also appeared at 17:40 PM with 2 men trying to break inside the home to take the dog. At first, they tried to access to the parking lot from a neighboring apartment building but they failed, so they then went to the front door and were able to break in and they simply took the dog and walked away.

The Haskett family directly shared the photos on Facebook to warn the neighbors and to see if anyone could recognize the woman. Many neighbors confirmed that they saw Partner walking with the woman they saw in the footage.

By the help of the neighbors who told the Hasketts about where they saw the woman taking Partner, the family were able to locate her. The dog's owners contacted the police to help them in the confrontation. The woman, that was identified as Heather Zeffer, said that she rescued the dog.

But the footage said completely the opposite. She was arrested and charged with possession of property obtained by mischief and crime, theft, entering and breaking. Watch the video below.

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